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Church History



St.Mark Missionary Baptist Church is a church with humble beginnings and has an ongoing drive to empower the community spiritually, socially, educationally and through a positive direction of economic development.

St. Mark was founded on April 15,1959 by Rev. & Mrs. James P. Neal along with 5 other members. St. Mark "opened the doors of the Church" in the homes of various members (including the home of Deacon Kiser and Sister Mary Wright) until August 1968. At this time with approximately 55 members, the church purchased a small frame house at 14618 Lincoln Avenue, Harvey, Illinois where services were held until 1986. The church has had only 5 Pastors: Rev. James P. Neal, Rev. Ceasar, Rev. Taylor, Rev. Boykins and Bishop William L. Jordan during its 50 year history. On December 9,2008, Bishop Jordan transitioned this life to join the hosts of heaven.

Original ChurchGrowth and progress was inevitable for St. Mark. Under Bishop Jordan's guidance and leadership of 32 years, St. Mark's popularity grew. The church went from the humble beginnings of a small house on Lincoln A a 4,510 square foot sanctuary built in a 2,500 seat Sanctuary and business annex built in 1993. And St. Mark's membership grew to as many as 8,000 souls at the height of his tenure as senior pastor.

St Mark has approximately 40 ministries designed to meet the needs of the members and the community. All of these ministries are a source of outreach to members and non-members in need of a positive choices and lifestyles. In the area of community and economic development, at one point Bishop Jordan established the Willie L. Jordan Community Service Center (JCSC), St. Mark Community Development Corporation (CDC), St. Mark Professional Medical Center and St. Mark Academy to impact the lives of those who could not yet do it on their own. Indeed our Bishop left many dreams for St. Mark unfulfilled by his untimely death.

Today, St. Mark still thrives and continues to fulfill our purpose to evangelize the community, educate the Saints of God and empower believers to live a wholesome and spirit-led life before the Lord. Our continued goal is to make disciples for the work of the ministry of God.